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You’ll love the animation in this weird music video

Posted in weird music, weird news, weird videos

Following our article 11 weird music videos you won’t be able to forget we are constantly on the look out for new weird and interesting music videos. With its imaginative use of digital effects this video by...

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Predator shields stop huge predators from eating you. Probably.

Posted in weird creatures, weird news, weird videos

Have you ever been to a zoo to see the animals and been frustrated at the distance you have to stand from the huge predators ? Wouldn’t it be more fun if you could just get a little closer? You’d...

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Drunk squirrel eats crisps, breaks beer bottles and trashes bar

Posted in weird news

A badly behaved squirrel has been found drunk in a bar having caused around...

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Totally bizarre attempted insurance fraud.

Posted in weird looking people, weird videos

This is why it’s important to get a dashcam. You might wonder why this...

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Is there something in the water ? Woah, tiger.

Posted in weird cats, weird creatures, weird videos

If I saw this in the wild I would run so fast in the opposite direction. I...

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Amazing Russian Bungee Jump Fail

Posted in weird sports, weird things, weird videos

Aren’t you meant to let go if you’re not planning on jumping ? The...

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Amazing 3d display above a bar in Las Vegas

Posted in weird faces, weird inventions, weird things, weird videos

This isn’t magic. I have to keep on reminding myself that this just a...

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The Black Hole – A great two minute short film.

Posted in weird movies, weird videos

This is a great short film where an office worker stumbles across something...

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Large Adaptive Gripper from Soft Robotics

Posted in weird inventions, weird videos

This amazing octopus like device may look like a prop from a Doctor Octopus...

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Amazing double muscled animals !

Posted in weird creatures, weird videos

There is a protein called myostatin that usually inhibits the growth of...

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Man resembles Papa Smurf after taking Colloidal Silver

Posted in weird illnesses, weird looking people, weird videos

Incredibly this video of a man who has turned blue seems to be for real. From...

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