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Predator shields stop huge predators from eating you. Probably.

Posted in weird creatures, weird news, weird videos

Have you ever been to a zoo to see the animals and been frustrated at the distance you have to stand from the huge predators ? Wouldn’t it be more fun if you could just get a little closer? You’d certainly get a better view inside the cage but you might get eaten. Naturalists and wildlife documentary makers sometimes use heavy duty clear acrylic boxes to get unobscured views of otherwise dangerous situations. Some Japanese television executives picked up on the entertainment value of this and made a feature for the hit show “Sekai No Hatte Madde Itte Q” which translates as “Riddles at the Ends of the Earth!” with Dakota the bear. Strangely enough this female Japanese participant seems a little scared and I’m not sure how much she’s enjoying the experience. Here’s another version of a predator shield in a Discovery Channel documentary called “Bear Feeding Frenzy”. The two hosts Dr Thomas Smith and Chris Douglas come face to face with a huge 800 lb Grizzly bear and hope that the acrylic box is enough to keep them safe. I’ve seen enough movies to know that there’s always something that can go wrong so would find it hard to place my life in the hands of the engineer that put this together....

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Drunk squirrel eats crisps, breaks beer bottles and trashes bar

Posted in weird news

A badly behaved squirrel has been found drunk in a bar having caused around three hundreds pounds worth of damage. He broke into the Honeybourne Railway Club and helped himself to beer and crisps and after the cheeky rodent couldn’t find his way out he went on a drunken rampage. When Sam Boulter, the secretary of the club in Worcestershire first walked in and saw the state of the room he thought that they’d been the victim of a burglary. It wasn’t until he saw the squirrel staggering around from the back of a box of crisps that he realised how the damage had been caused. The floor was covered in beer and glasses and bottles smashed, Mr Boulter said: “When I opened the door it was absolutely ransacked. At first I thought we’d been burgled but I realised it was all still locked up and that’s when we saw the squirrel. “I’d never seen anything like it before – he had ran around the shelves and across the bar. “There were bottles scattered around, money scattered around and he had obviously run across the bar’s pumps and managed to turn on the Caffrey’s tap . “He must have flung himself on the handle and he must have drank some as he was staggering around all...

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Totally bizarre attempted insurance fraud.

Posted in weird looking people, weird videos

This is why it’s important to get a dashcam. You might wonder why this lady walks towards the car and starts flailing around like a seal only to collapse moments later so that she needs to carried off the road. If these motorists didn’t have video evidence this lady could have even got away with this scam. There’s a lot of conviction to her performance. Don’t all of these people remind you of GTA NPCs as nobody seems that...

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Is there something in the water ? Woah, tiger.

Posted in weird cats, weird creatures, weird videos

If I saw this in the wild I would run so fast in the opposite direction. I don’t think it would do me much good though and I doubt I would even get to turn around. I jumped and this is only a video and it looks as though it’s filmed on the other side of glass. Terrifying and beautiful. It’s hard to believe this hasn’t been sped...

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Amazing Russian Bungee Jump Fail

Posted in weird sports, weird things, weird videos

Aren’t you meant to let go if you’re not planning on jumping ? The reason why you’re attached to the bungee cord is so you don’t crash heavily into the ground and so when you’re not tied on you keep a good distance away from the rope. This guy was incredibly lucky but you don’t have to take my word for it that he survived, just watch the video...

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Amazing 3d display above a bar in Las Vegas

Posted in weird faces, weird inventions, weird things, weird videos

This isn’t magic. I have to keep on reminding myself that this just a series of videos being viewed from exactly the right angle. It’s an advanced version of anamorphic projection which requires the viewer to either use a special device or view it from a specific location to reconstitute the image. Hmmm, it’s not quite so impressive from the...

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The Black Hole – A great two minute short film.

Posted in weird movies, weird videos

This is a great short film where an office worker stumbles across something amazing but his greed eventually catches up with him. It’s a few years old now but if you haven’t seen it yet then it’s definitely worth a couple of minutes of your time. It reminds me of the sea of holes in The Yellow Submarine or even the game...

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Large Adaptive Gripper from Soft Robotics

Posted in weird inventions, weird videos

This amazing octopus like device may look like a prop from a Doctor Octopus Halloween costume but is in fact an advanced mechanism that allows you to pick up 8lbs of anything. When they say anything they really mean anything. Puffer Fish, Fruit and Vegetables are picked up without causing damage. Apparently this is scalable and low cost so it looks like a winner to us ( even it is only as a Halloween costume prop...

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Amazing double muscled animals !

Posted in weird creatures, weird videos

There is a protein called myostatin that usually inhibits the growth of muscle. Through careful selective breeding of animals displaying a mutation that inhibits myostatin, farmers have been able to modify the genes of cows to produce some incredible double muscled animals. The most famous of these are the Belgian Blues. Here’s a National Geographic Video about these amazing creatures. It’s not only cows that display this amazing effect as very rarely it also affects dogs. Here’s Wendy the...

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Man resembles Papa Smurf after taking Colloidal Silver

Posted in weird illnesses, weird looking people, weird videos

Incredibly this video of a man who has turned blue seems to be for real. From the smirking presenters to the straight faced insistence of the benefits of an alternative health treatment from a man turned a funny colour by the treatment, this possesses all the indications that it’s a moment of staged comedy. His skin looks like it’s been covered in blue tinted face paints. Digging a little deeper it appears that the condition is genuine and called...

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Weird video of ram knocking out bull

Posted in weird creatures, weird videos

If I was a gambling man my money would have been on the bull and all its bulk for this headbutting contest. I was surprised to see that the ram appeared to recover more quickly. Have a look at this. Crazy sheep attacks and knocks down a cow – so… by...

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