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Poor Little Fish – a weird unique water saving project !

Posted in weird inventions, weird items, weird news stories

I think we all know at the back of our minds that we should waste less water but any consequences are pretty indirect and easily slip to the back of our minds. Imagine if every time you used too much water it...

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Old lady mistakes rabid raccoon for cat and lets it inside

Posted in weird news, weird news stories

As a teenager I worked as a counselor in a summer camp in California and one night we were raided by a big raccoon who was after the chocolate and marshmallows we had left over from our campfire cooking. It may...

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Man disgusts audience by eating pasta off subway floor

Posted in weird news stories

This isn’t something you see everyday and certainly seemed to revolt the...

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Robotic Animals – the 7 most awesome mechanical creatures !

Posted in weird creatures

You might have seen the trailers doing the rounds for the new Robocop movie...

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Funny Subaru Adverts from around the World.

Posted in weird, weird videos

A country’s advertising says a lot about it’s culture and when it...

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Toast Selfie could be the next big thing !

Posted in weird news, weird things

Do you recognise this face  ? According to the BBC it’s Michael...

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Tycho Brahe, a drunk elk, a brass nose and a psychic dwarf. 10 bizarre facts.

Posted in weird science, weird things

  You may not have heard of Tycho Brahe (14th December 1546 – 24th...

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The incredibly strange Poodle Exercise Dance video

Posted in weird things

Here’s one that we’ve dug up from the archives. This is perhaps...

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Goat Simulator has taken the internet by storm !

Posted in weird things

It’s not often that something so strange turns up and attracts...

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Do You Use Any Of These Weird SmartPhone Applications ?

Posted in weird things

We will have you know that phones were used for oral communications through...

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Weird Music Video of the day. Michael Fassbender turns into a goat.

Posted in weird music, weird videos

Have you ever wondered what Michael Fassbender would get up to on his stag do...

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