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Weird Japanese Umbilical Cord iPhone Charger

Posted in weird art, weird inventions, weird videos

Is there anything that the Japanese can’t make weird and entertaining ? How about something boring  like a phone charger ? Nope, I’m happy to state that even something as mundane as an electrical cable...

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Best of Pretty Girl Ugly Face

Posted in weird faces, weird images, weird looking people, weird people pictures

You know how people usually pose to make themselves as pretty as possible for photos to post on the internet no matter how they usually look ? You’ve seen the search for the perfect angle and lighting to...

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Japanese Robot Pours the Perfect Beer

Posted in weird inventions, weird videos

Everyone knows that robots are taking over. They’re better at us at...

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Imploding storage tank

Posted in weird science

Woah, this is something I won’t be trying. It may look like a flimsy...

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Leopard Tank Emergency Brake Test

Posted in weird videos

Where do you work and do you stand behind your products ? How about standing...

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Wedding Fireball Selfie Camera

Posted in weird, weird videos

With the selfie craze still in full bloom it’s not surprising that...

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Is Shia LaBeouf an Actual Cannibal ?

Posted in weird, weird music, weird news, weird news stories, weird videos

In the future it appears that Shia LaBeouf will not be remembered for being...

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Salvador Singing Cat. A really weird music video.

Posted in weird music, weird videos

How did we miss this classic, directed by Vitaliy Shakirov in 2012, from our...

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Bear at door prevents delivery

Posted in weird news, weird news stories, weird videos

I’ve seen some pretty poor excuses for non delivery of post and even if...

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Opium laced noodles keep the customers coming back

Posted in weird news, weird news stories

Although I know what it’s like to get a hankering for a takeaway at the...

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Sennheiser’s new commercial is really, really weird.

Posted in weird videos

How familiar is this when you’re on Youtube ? “You can skip this...

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