Don’t use it if you’re not sure you’ve got something worth measuring (if you know what I mean). Ask your friends if in doubt. metric condom
A condom for special occasions (a wedding where you’re the best man maybe?). tuxedo condom
Yes, we can! (Or at least we hope we STILL can…). obama condom
I know it’s easier if you get her drunk, but are you sure this is the best way to do it? Whiskey condom
Not sure how efficient is this one, none of our team members dared to try it. Rapex condom
Feeling in a long time extincted mood? Dino condom
Not good at rolling? Why not try spraying? Spray condom
Scared she might not remember your face? Want to give Mr. Happy a face of its own? Then this one’s for you. Face condom
Useful for finding tiny things in the dark. I hear they are getting ready to release a more expensive version of this condom including a compass pour elle. glow condom
Don’t freeze! You’ll only make things worse! gun condom
At first a custom order for the Vatican, these wacky condoms are now released to a wider market too. wacky condom
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