We have no idea why people are attracted to weird foods. Certainly it’s not their flavor, or their yummy aspect. And when those weird foods can kill you or severely damage you for good, it makes you wonder even more.

Below we picked 5 weird foods that people eat despite the danger they pose to their health.

1) Fugu (Pufferfish)


This one is by far the world’s deadliest delicacy. Even a drop of toxin from a Pufferfish or Fugu (in Japanese) can immediately leave you paralyzed, followed by death. Fugu is considered an authentic Japanese delicacy and it would take years for a chef to master the art of preparing the dish. The toxin, called tetrodotoxin is concentrated in the roe, ovaries and the liver of the fish.

2) Echizen Jellyfish


What could be yummier than this giant poisonous jellyfish which moves in swarms in the Japan waters?

The jellyfish lives on tuna fish and this poses a problem as the tuna supply is affected by the huge consumption. So, the solution is to catch the jellyfish and turn it into a delicacy. Smart, isn’t it?

3) Live Octopus


You can get choked to death on this Korean and Japanese weird food delicacy.

The enjoyment of eating this food is when the octopus is still moving with the tentacles sticking to the roof of the mouth. The challenge is to munch and swallow the live octopus without choking. It is reported that there are on average of 6 deaths due to choking (on live octopus), each year in South Korea. We call this natural selection.

4) Giant Bullfrog


Don’t get fooled by its delicious looks! The Giant bullfrog,  although considered a delicacy in Namibia where they eat the entire giant bullfrog except for the internal organs has poisonous skin and poisonous internal organs.

A premature bullfrog is said to contain a certain toxin which could lead to kidney failure in most cases.

Now that’s something we call a killer meal!

5) Silver-Stripe Blaasop


The silver-stripe blaasop is a delicacy among the locals who live in some parts of the Indian Ocean.The locals are experts in removing the toxic parts of the fish before cooking and consuming it. The poison is concentrated in the liver,reproductive organs and also the skin of the fish which can cause paralysis and breathing problems if consumed by humans.

In early 2007, there are about 10 reported deaths relating to the poisoning of the fish which include 8 in Egypt and 2 in Israel.

Know of any other poisonous weird foods? Have you ever tried any of the above? Share your experiences with us!