We all know how a new born baby is a blessing, a joy, a precious gift and all that… But looking at the weird and dangerous or humiliating products that are made, sold and bought for babies, really makes you wonder.

Another post from the “What were they thinking?” series.

So, you got a baby crawling all over the place? Why not take advantage of this native ability all babies come with and turn him into a mop? Just dress the baby in this mop costume and house cleaning won’t be a problem for you anymore (well, not for a while at least, until your baby starts walking).

When the baby has crawled enough around the house, and you think it’s time for a quiet moment, you can just hang him for a while and give yourself a well deserved break.

Sometimes you have to go out and, unfortunately, these annoying laws won’t allow you leaving the baby home alone so you must take him with you. What better way of making sure you won’t lose him (there are so many distractions after all) than putting him on a leash? This way you can drag him around with a bored diva look on your face. After all, holding your child’s hand or keeping him in your arms is so overrated…