Among the most bizarre human made tourist attractions, the Hang Nga guesthouse in Vietnam, also known as the Crazy House, lives up to its name.

A mix of  stunning natural forms, bizarre shapes and kitschy animal statues, this unusual sight started as a personal project of Dang Viet Nga, a Vietnamese architect.

“It is a fairy tale house” many said. Others felt it to be taken from “Alice in Wonderland”, influenced by either  Salvador Dali or Walt Disney, or as its creator disclosed, inspired by  the Antoni Gaudi, the great Catalan architect.

Over the years, this eerie place got many different names, but whatever it’s been called by its visitors, they all agree it to be one of the world’s ten most bizarre buildings.


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Welcome to the Crazy House!

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Described as a “fairy tale house”, the building’s overall design resembles a giant tree.

weird buildings

It is adorned with sculptured design elements representing natural forms such as animals, mushrooms, spider webs and caves.

weird buildings