You’re on Facebook. You’ve got friends. Your friends got babies. You hate babies and you hate it when your friends post all those silly baby pictures.

Hold on. Rewind. You’ve got friends??!

OK, nevermind. So you hate all those cute baby pictures and you’d rather not see them EVER!

But you can’t unfriend your babies posting friends because then who’s gonna like the billions of cute cats, cute dogs, really thoughtful quotes and precious statuses you’re posting?

Come to rescue: Unbaby Me, the “Chrome extension that deletes babies from your news permanently by replacing them with awsome stuff”  such as…cute cats (much better isn’t it?).

So how does this work?

Well, after you installed the application, it will scan your newsfeed for keywords like “so cute,” “cutest baby ever,” or “newborn” and then replace the baby photos with images of  adorable puppies, demented kittens or even the Pope!

The plug-in is automatically configured to replace those dreadful baby photos with cats, but users can customize the extension to their liking, with the option of adding more cats specific keywords.

Once a pic is swapped, the status reads “baby removed.” Phew!

I’m not making this post longer. I  know you’re dying to go and download it. OK. Go. I’m not looking…


Still here? Ah, yes, almost forgot. Here’s the link (…baby wiper!).