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15 Weird and Funny Websites You Might Find Useful

Putting up a website is extremely easy these days. Making it stand out from the crowd and have people remember it is another thing though, and we believe that the weird websites in our list for today will make a good impression on you and have you come back for more.

Here we go (click on the images to visit the websites):

1. Subservient Chicken

A giant chicken ready to obey your every command. We tried it. It’s fun. It’s the real deal. It’s Chicken!


2. Hypnotoad

A frog supposed to hypnotize you into thinking it’s the most annoying frog in the world. It succeeds!

3. We Buy Any Cat

They buy any cat. Desperate and in a quick need for money? Value your cat with the Valuation tool they have available and sell it for BIG CA$H!

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  1. yeh thats weird especially the chicken site

  2. <— funny pictures website


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