Do you ever come across a really great music video and find yourself totally absorbed ? Later on during a quiet part of the day you’ll find yourself going over it in your mind and making a note to look it up when you get home. It happens to me every now and again and here are some of my favourite musical short films which I enjoy watching over and over again.

You’ll be taken to strange worlds where entire stories can be told in the space of a few minutes and you can meet fantastical and weird creatures and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

  1. Big Bad Wolf by Duck Sauce

    Duck Sauce Big Bad WolfNumber one on my list is Big Bad Wolf by Duck Sauce as it’s a video that once viewed you really can’t forget. This matches an awesomely catchy tune with some of the most bizarre visuals you’ll see and pushes the boundaries of what’s acceptable in the mainstream. Describing it doesn’t do the video justice so instead of reading my take on faces replacing crotches just watch it and you’ll see what I mean.

  2. Aphex Twin- Come to Daddy

    Aphex Twin Come to DaddyA few of Aphex Twin’s music videos are like complete short films; Come to Daddy is the most memorable and the one I find the most disturbing. It’s worth watching the whole thing but fast forward to around the 4 minute mark for the bit with the creature and some of the most terrifying visuals ever seen in a music video.

  3. Bjork – Wanderlust

    Bjork WanderlustNumber three on my list isn’t quite as terrifying as the previous two but just as mind-bending. Wanderlust from Bjork is a beautifully crafted mix of live action and animation that takes you to a world of big friendly creatures and flowing streams. I wonder if this is what Iceland is like ? If so I would definitely love to visit.