_40648528_toast2_203Do you recognise this face  ?

According to the BBC it’s Michael Jackson’s who miraculously appeared on this piece of toast following his acquittal of child abuse claims back in 2005.


_40648538_toastie-afp203iThis toasted cheese sandwich sold on ebay for $28,000 in November 2004 because it has an image of the Virgin Mary on it (apparently!) 1.7 million people viewed the auction on ebay and the internet casino Golden Palace placed the winning bit claiming that it had become “part of pop culture”.

The lady who created the holy cheese sandwich was Diane Duyser, from Florida, and she said the sandwich never went mouldy in the ten years she had it.

Selfie Toast

Lance_ToastHow would you like to join the ranks of the celebrities ? Have you ever wanted to eat a piece of toast with your face on it ? No ? I haven’t either but if you did, it’s now a possibility.

The popular blog Mashable got excited about this and decided to try it out by commissioning this custom selfie toaster of their Chief Correspondent Lance Ulanoff !

This image looks a bit fake but nope, it’s not Photoshop trickery, it’s the real deal. It’s been designed by the Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation at  burntimpressions.com

It only costs about $75 dollars for a custom toaster that can be used to print as many pieces of toast with your face on as you could ever want.

How does it work ? I was imagining laser printers and advanced technology but it’s not as sophisticated as I first thought. You send in your selfie and a simplified image is burnt through a metal plate using a high high heat plasma burner. This is slotted into a conventional toaster and you end up with your custom selfie toaster.

That’s my next round of birthday presents sorted out. Who would you like to see making an appearance on your toast ?

It was pointed out on our Google Plus page by Frankie I that Sheldon Cooper had already done this but I don’t think even he had a selfie toaster. He did however make cylon toast and here’s the video to prove it.