A country’s advertising says a lot about it’s culture and when it comes down to it most car adverts are a bit dull. Very slick, crisp soundtrack a few nifty camera tricks but the style comes very much before substance.

Subaru sometimes sticks to that formula but if you look at their international adverts they’ve come up with some funny, scary, exciting, weird and above all creative masterpieces. Just have a look at these excellent adverts from around the world.

  1. The United StatesSubaruUnitedStates

    In the US Subarus are promoted as green, efficient vehicles and use a golden retriever family called the Barkleys to advertise their cars. The dogs drive around and act in a very human-like way. Awww.

    My favourite bit is when the daughter of the family is dropped off by a boxer dog and they’re making out in the car. The Father gets a bit angry, switches on the lights and woofs out of the window.

  2. RussiaSubaruRussia

    Russia may be thought of as more of a straight faced communist regime but their Subaru adverts display a great sense of humour. The joke may involve a dog getting run over but don’t let that put you off.

    A woman driver hits a dog with her car and worriedly checks to make sure the four legged friend is okay.

    They haven’t realised, however, that the dog has it all planned and while they’re distracted he jumps in the car and steals it whilst enjoying some loud music. It’s all because Subaru’s are that great you’d do anything to get your hands on one.

  3. CanadaSubaruCanada

    Sometimes the Canadian’s stick to good old fashioned shiny cars and loud music for their Subaru adverts but in this advert they’ve struck gold with each car accompanied by a sexy sumo wrestler. This useful addition seems to come with every car and hangs around the car in a sultry manner. Although this might seem a bit of an inconvenience, the drivers seem quite fond of the sumos and are seen hand feeding them strawberries and hosing them down.

    They prove their usefulness when preventing traffic wardens from placing a parking ticket on the car. Who wouldn’t want a sumo wrestler to look after their car ?

  4. JapanSubaruJapan

    Japan on the other hand have an absolutely crazy Manga turned Anime inspired monsters advertising the Subaru Forester.Way to go Japan. Keep up the good work ! This action packed advert is like a movie crammed into a 30 second slot.

My favourite of the batch has to be the Canadian Sumo advert. It’s convinced me my next car needs to be a Subaru but only if it comes with it’s own sumo.