Eating past off floorThis isn’t something you see everyday and certainly seemed to revolt the majority of the other passengers at the subway station in Toronto. Ravi Dalchand, the brand manager for a new floor cleaner called the Bissell Symphony thought that eating from a previously dirty floor would be a good idea to promote his product.

He didn’t leave it at picking up a few snacks which had been dropped but instead went the whole hog and ate a pasta meal off the floor. When he’d finished the pasta he went on to mop up the sauce to the disgust of his audience.

He states that he volunteered for the promotion himself because of his one hundred percent confidence in his product. Apparently it kills 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria which will have made the stunt safe.

If he was fully confident I would have liked to have seen him lick the floor afterwards but maybe he’ll do that next time.