You know how people usually pose to make themselves as pretty as possible for photos to post on the internet no matter how they usually look ? You’ve seen the search for the perfect angle and lighting to bring out the best in your features ? Haven’t we all been guilty of this to try and escape our everyday drab appearances for everyone on Facebook.

This internet craze does the exact opposite and gets pretty people to pull ugly faces. Click on this image to see an amazing transformation in Gif format. This is Reddit User Abacazam and the transformation is amazing.

Pretty Girl Ugly Face

Click the image for ugly to pretty !

Sometimes it gets a little awkward when the ugly face isn’t that ugly and the pretty face isn’t really very ugly but that’s not a problem for JewTwo who pulls the reverse trick by tranforming from pretty to pretty ugly. Again click on the image to see the full effect.


Click the image for pretty to ugly !

This is the actress Naomi Grossman from American Horror Story. Who knew that in some photos she looks pretty good ?


Naomi Grossman

This is rhapsodyinpoo from Reddit who described this photoshoot as having chincandescent lighting.




Do you have any remarkable skill in pulling faces ?