Kansas Farmer Derek Klingenberg has found a practical use for cows at last. He’s got the knack of using them to make very amusing viral Youtube videos. Farming might get a bit boring if you can’t think of any crazy antics to get up to.

It’s funny to think that each of these cows probably weighs 1500 and 2000lbs but they look so tiny from this distance as he leaves a trail of food for them to follow. Watch long enough and you’ll see them move into a smiley shape. The drone that’s shooting this video must have reached quite a height.

This is Derek’s previously most successful video where he serenades his cows with his trombone with Lorde’s Royals. They really seem to like it.

I’ve herd that happy cows produce better tasting milk but these videos have made me look at them in an udder light.