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The incredibly strange sex life of a clownfish

The sex life of fish is complicated, very complicated. Did you hear that Pixar are making a sequel to Finding Nemo ? It will be released in the summer of 2016 and I wonder how closely the plot will follow nature. If Pixar have consulted a ichthyologist ( fish specialist ) then it could end up with Nemo as the female leader of his school. Bizarrely, he could even end up mating with his son and he would be both Mother and Grand Father to the next generation of clownfish. Clownfish are protandrous and their schools are always built in...

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Neanderthal sex could be the cause of your peanut allergy

Did Neanderthal sex cause your peanut allergy? Did you know that you could have an allergy because one of your ancestors bred with a Neanderthal? Out of all the weird facts I’ve posted this does seem to be one of the hardest to believe but if you are ethnically European or Asian, then about 2% of your genetic make-up originated from Neanderthals. Some animal species are so closely related that it’s possible for them to breed. Horses can breed with donkeys to create mules and Lions can breed with Tigers to create Ligers or Tigons. It appears that Homo Sapiens and...

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Camel Leopard was an early name for the giraffe

Julius Caesar was the first to bring a giraffe to Europe in 46BC and it must have been a very strange sight. People believed it resembled a camel in its shape and a leopard in its markings so it was called a camelopard. It’s species name today, camelopardalis, still reflects this. I will give an account of the so-called camelopard, because it was then introduced into Rome by Caesar for the first time and exhibited to all. This animal is like a camel in all respects except that its legs are not all of the same length, the hind legs being...

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