Back in our childhoods, we all dreamed to be teachers, doctors or astronauts when we grow up. Our options were limited though by the  very little knowledge we had on all the awesome jobs out there. If you haven’t yet established a career based on those silly children’s dreams, below are 5 weird jobs you might want to consider.


1) Whiskey Ambassador


Who would have thought you can actually get paid for drinking?!

Well, believe it or not, this is real if you are a Whiskey Ambassador. Whiskey Ambassadors are responsible for choosing the finest whiskeys and teaching their clients the proper way to taste them.

As with any other job, there are risks, of course, and getting drunk is one of them. But while you’d get fired for this from any other job, you’ll be forgiven if you’re a Whiskey Ambassador.

There’s also the problem of getting home from work (not really safe to be driving while stinking of whiskey), but apart from these small inconveniences,  it looks like a fine job to me.

2) Citrus Fruit Dyer


When I was a kid and reading “Alice in Wonderland”, I used to imagine what a cool job dying roses might be (apart from the part when the Queen wanted the gardners’ heads to be chopped off).

But recently I found out about this other interesting job.

The Citrus Dyers are actually farmers who dye their fruits to make them look fresher and riper than they actually are, in order to encourage people to buy them. Actually, not a really honest job, I must say. Supermarkets, of course, are in favour of using this ploy to bring in more sales. What looks good, sells well!

3) Furniture Tester


Now that’s one hell of a job! We were doing it since we were kids and jumping on beds, climbing on couches or turning chairs into high speed trains, so we must be qualified for it.

Actually the job is not as fun as we’d like it to be, it’s just a matter of assessing the sturdiness and degree of comfort of a furniture item, but it might still be a bit better than most of the 9 to 5 jobs we’re accustomed to.

4) Golf Ball Diver


While this is a pretty well paid job, with some of the divers making over 100,000$ per year, it’s not really a job I fancy doing.

If you were a Golf Ball Diver, your work load would involve diving into the golf range lakes, in search of  lost golf balls, cleaning them and putting them back up for sale.

It is a dangerous job after all, since it involves you spending a considerable amount of time underwater and I really can’t see too many rewards (except for the financial part) you could rip from doing this job.

5) Paper Towel Sniffer


Now this is one nasty job you really don’t want to turn into your life career!

If you were a Paper Towel Sniffer, you’d be paid to sniff paper towels, before, during and after use.


You’d then have to report any odours back to the manufacturers.

You would think manufacturers would just impregnate the towels with something nice, a citrus smell maybe, but many times this is not the case and the paper towels don’t really smell that nice!

Know of any weird jobs people are doing for a living? Maybe you’re the one blessed with one of them? Comment below, we’d love to hear from you.