OK, we’re taking a deep breath for this one. Who would believe you need to READ a book that tells you “How to Shit in the Woods” to KNOW how to shit in the woods? Are there any “shitting in the woods manners” that we should be aware of? We did a bit of research on this apparently hot subject and you can read our conclusions below.


Apparently, the book is at it’s third (3rd) edition and sold over 2.5 million copies in eight languages, so this must be serious international shit! We were able to find it on Amazon and this is how we came to understand why this book is SO important to the whole mankind.

  1.  Its first edition was nominated “the most important environmental book of the decade” by Books of the Southwest, and in its second as “the real shit” by the late, great, outdoor photographer Galen Rowell.
  2.  Was often called the “backpacker’s bible” and it approaches the latest techniques for “graceful backcountry elimination, and answering a desperate cry from nature concerning environmental precautions in our ever-shrinking wilds”.
  3.  It covers “the most current solutions to the health risks of drinking straight from wilderness waterways; presents a raft of natural substitutes for the purist swearing off toilet tissue; and offers a wealth of new recommendations for ladies who must make do without a loo”.
  4.  It holds the answer to the haunting question: “Where do I go to go?”


If this isn’t enough to make you desperately want to buy it, let’s see a few of the relieved satisfied customer reviews:

This book is OK but does not contain any new or different information. It was not what I expected.

Oh, really?

At best it is mildly amusing in parts – and at worst it is a painfully protracted waste of paper. Perhaps it is intended to be used for wiping yourself after practising some of the poorly described techniques within?

Now that would be an idea…

I had hoped this book would give lots of tips concerning backpacking and camping. It does not. It only covers one topic, as described in the title. A phamphlet could tell me everything I need to know about this. I will not waste my time reading this entire book.

Some people were thrilled though with the book’s wisdom:

I bought two copies of this book in December, 1996. The first was purchased as a gift and the second one was for me. My copy has since disappeared.(Editor’s Note: We dare not think where!) As an avid cross-country skier (and when necessary, outdoor pooper), I found many of the suggestions quite useful. The book also became a great conversation piece with friends on our ski weekends. I highly recommend it.

Truth be told, this weird book would make a great addition to any weird collection, so if you feel the urge to have it, just click on this weird colored button below.

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