The guys at Cremation Solutions made our weirdo-meter go red, blue and then succumb!

Their “Never forget a face!” motto seemed more appropriate for a Kodak moment, but these guys are using it for their “new and exciting way” to memorialize your loved ones by creating a custom cremation urn for ashes in their image.

(Never thought this way about the loss of a loved one. It’s like “Hey, Grandpa died! We can now turn his head into a wall trophy! How cool is that?”)

They can even create custom cremation urns for ashes in the image of a favorite celebrity or hero, even President Obama!

Mickey Mouse anyone?

These urns can have a wig, or  digitally added hair for short haired people, as in the sample of President Obama.

I wonder if anyone ever bothered to ask president Obama how he feels on the idea of being turned into a funeral urn…

Then, for the fun to be complete, they will put the head on a on a solid black marble base with a brass nameplate (there you can write the person’s name just in case you might forget it, or other important info such as what was their habitat, when did they go extinct, or a note to the kids: “Stop braiding Grandpa’s hair and paint him with lipstick, please!”)

Creepy gallery below:

Ideas contest: what would your ideal personal urn look like? Share with us!