I love good music! And I sure love original ideas and things done in unexpected ways. This is why, today, I went hunting in the weird part of YouTube (the one you never know how you got in… it’s just like slipping through the rabbit hole!) and came back with a whole hour of  auditory pleasures performed in the weirdest ways you’ll ever find.

Here we go:


The Vegetable Orchestra

How do you find a lost rabbit? Easy! Have the Vegetable Orchestra play for it. These guys use anything they can get their hands on: cabbage, carrots, pumpkins, eggplants…ANYTHING! And the performance is absolutely outstanding plus they are the only orchestra in the world that, after the concert, cooks its instruments and feeds them to its audience.



Meet David and his weird instrument. One day he met a tree branch that was dreaming of being  an electronic percussion instrument. Beeing a nice guy, David couldn’t say no to such an unexpected wish from a tree branch, so they became friends and never parted ever since. If you wonder how the sounds are made, there is an amplifier on the branch that takes David’s every knocking, every vibration and every touch and turns them into the trippy sounds you’re just about to hear.


PVC – a noble plastic

So far I’ve seen PVC furniture, PVC bows and PVC jewelry, but never a PVC musical instrument (especially one that would sound so good). Inspired by the great Cthulhu himself, sophisticated and beautiful sounding, the Rimba Tubes and the Monster Tubulum are garage projects of some really smart kids.


Monster Tubulum