After the huge success our previous weird sites list had (thank you, fellow Stumblers, you really rock!), we decided it’s time to revisit the weird part of the internet again and bring you 15 more gems websites that seem to have no purpose whatsoever besides amusing you or making you utter 3 letter abbreviations.

As much as I’d like to tell you to prepare yourself for what’s next, I am afraid there is no such thing as preparedness when you are seeing what you’re just about to see. So, simply put, here they are (click on the pictures to visit the websites):

1. Miserable Bastard

His significant other is more of an “other” than a “significant”. And she hates his guts. So she gave him a website. Lo and behold the poisoned gift below.


 2. Mister Wabbit

Long gone are those times when your Mom used to ask you if the cat ate your tongue. There’s a new saying trending now: Rabbit ate your cursor?


3. One dimensional Tetris!

We all played it and some of  us still enjoy the occasional game of Tetris. Do you remember the horror, the dread of those annoying squares building up to the top of the screen while you were hopelessly waiting for the right figure, pressing desperately the game’s buttons trying to push the unwanted figures out of the screen if possible? I think the guy who created this game felt the same so, here is a Tetris that you can’t possibly lose at! When I started to research this article, I opened a game of  Tetris and left it running on its own (apparently my assistance is not needed) and now I’m on level 9, with a score of 1764664 and counting. I’ll decide in a few hours if I want to stop playing and submit my high score…