1. Chemical Brothers – Salmon Dance

    Chemical Brothers Salmon DanceNext up is the Salmon Dance by The Chemical Brothers. Does this contain a message about environmentalism, drugs or dancing ? It could be a combination of all three but this video really makes the list because I love the tune. The special effects are great and everything fits together just perfectly.

  2. The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist

    The Avalanches Frontier PsychiatristFrontier Psychiatrist by The Avalanches is a great track that’s built up of loads of unconnected parts that pull together to form a really catchy tune. The video matches this with a visual mash up that forces you to smile when you watch it.

  3. Coco Rosie – Lemonade

    Coco Rosie LemonadeCoco Rosie is an experimental folk band made up of striking sisters Sierra and Bianca Casady who have a thing for female facial hair. Lemonade is a haunting track with a beautiful video set in a spooky old house. If you think the pair look a little weird in this music video then check out this interview where they talk about their spooky memories of growing up in the desert and (if possible) they come across as even stranger than they do in their video.