1. Daft Punk – Da Funk

    Daft Punk Da FunkDa Funk by Daft Punk is obviously one of the the band’s all time classics but what does it really mean ? It starts off pretty comically but ends up really quite tragic. Is it a commentary on the fleeting nature of relationships ? Is it a commentary on our attitudes towards our pets and how we no longer feel for them in the same way when they’re not so young and cute ? Is it drawing parallels with homelessness ? Maybe it’s just Daft Punk having fun and being a bit weird ?

  2. Fatboy Slim – Weapon of Choice

    Fatboy Slim Weapon of ChoiceWeapon of Choice by Fatboy Slim. What’s not to love about this video directed by Spike Jonze featuring Christopher Walken dancing through an abandoned hotel and eventually flying around ? It was even named by a panel of music experts the greatest music video ever made for the television channel VH-1.

  3. Ratatat – Drugs

    Drugs RatatatYou may find yourself unable to turn away from this bizarre video from Ratatat for their single Drugs. It’s the anticipation of wondering if something is actually going to happen that really stirs you up and you find yourself watching the weirdly normal people wondering if you’re missing something. Have their faces been switched? Why are they overacting and smiling in such an unnatural manner? Is that movement normal? Are they hiding something? Somehow I doubt you’ll be able to watch this just once.