Fed Ex Gate ThrowI’ve seen some pretty poor excuses for non delivery of post and even if the delivery does reach it’s destination on time the service isn’t always what you might expect. In the gif to the right you can see the FedEx delivery guy throwing a computer monitor over his gate.

If you’re very curious you can read the top 2,350 complaints about the US postal service here and you’ll see there are a lot of unhappy customers out there.

In British Coumbia, Vancouver, they have their own delivery problems and although one postal worker was unable to get his package to the right address, he had a decent excuse that eased the disappointed of the guy awaiting his package. The excuse was simply:

Bear at door.

The Vancouver-area man posted a picture of the postal worker’s delivery failure notice, which he said was left in his mailbox up the street, and the worker had checked the box marked “other” and written in “Bear at door.”