Incredibly this video of a man who has turned blue seems to be for real. From the smirking presenters to the straight faced insistence of the benefits of an alternative health treatment from a man turned a funny colour by the treatment, this possesses all the indications that it’s a moment of staged comedy. His skin looks like it’s been covered in blue tinted face paints.

Digging a little deeper it appears that the condition is genuine and called Argyria – as Wikipedia states:

Argyria or argyrosis (from Ancient Greek: ἄργυρος argyros silver) is a condition caused by inappropriate exposure to chemical compounds of the element silver, or to silver dust.

Colloidal silver is taken quite frequently as an alternative medicine in the belief that it is anti-bacterial but it has not been proven to have any effect in vivo at all in double blind trials. To have suffered the effects of Argyria this gentleman must have consumed huge quantities.

Watch the video here: