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Mammoths still walked the earth when the great pyramid was being built

Mammoths and Pyramids. This fact is pretty hard to believe as most mammoths died out around 10,000 years ago. However there was one place, Wrangel Island off the coast of Russia, where an isolated population of mammoths lived until 4,000 years ago. The Great Pyramid of Giza was built over 4,500 years ago which means mammoths still walked the earth when the great pyramid was being built. Pyramid Source Mammoth...

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You’ll love the animation in this weird music video

Following our article 11 weird music videos you won’t be able to forget we are constantly on the look out for new weird and interesting music videos. With its imaginative use of digital effects this video by Young Juvenile Youth for their track “Animation” caught our attention. It was directed by Kosai Sekine and the camera tracks around the head of the singer Yuki whilst she sings and increasingly strange special effects are applied to her face. Check this out and let us know what you...

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Predator shields stop huge predators from eating you. Probably.

Have you ever been to a zoo to see the animals and been frustrated at the distance you have to stand from the huge predators ? Wouldn’t it be more fun if you could just get a little closer? You’d certainly get a better view inside the cage but you might get eaten. Naturalists and wildlife documentary makers sometimes use heavy duty clear acrylic boxes to get unobscured views of otherwise dangerous situations. Some Japanese television executives picked up on the entertainment value of this and made a feature for the hit show “Sekai No Hatte Madde Itte Q”...

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Drunk squirrel eats crisps, breaks beer bottles and trashes bar

A badly behaved squirrel has been found drunk in a bar having caused around three hundreds pounds worth of damage. He broke¬†into the¬†Honeybourne Railway Club and helped himself to beer and crisps and after the cheeky rodent couldn’t find his way out he went on a drunken rampage. When Sam Boulter, the secretary of the club in Worcestershire first walked in and saw the state of the room he thought that they’d been the victim of a burglary. It wasn’t until he saw the squirrel staggering around from the back of a box of crisps that he realised how...

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