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Totally bizarre attempted insurance fraud.

This is why it’s important to get a dashcam. You might wonder why this lady walks towards the car and starts flailing around like a seal only to collapse moments later so that she needs to carried off the road. If these motorists didn’t have video evidence this lady could have even got away with this scam. There’s a lot of conviction to her performance. Don’t all of these people remind you of GTA NPCs as nobody seems that bothered about what’s happening and the passers by hardly even notice...

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Amazing Russian Bungee Jump Fail

Aren’t you meant to let go if you’re not planning on jumping ? The reason why you’re attached to the bungee cord is so you don’t crash heavily into the ground and so when you’re not tied on you keep a good distance away from the rope. This guy was incredibly lucky but you don’t have to take my word for it that he survived, just watch the video...

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Amazing 3d display above a bar in Las Vegas

This isn’t magic. I have to keep on reminding myself that this just a series of videos being viewed from exactly the right angle. It’s an advanced version of anamorphic projection which requires the viewer to either use a special device or view it from a specific location to reconstitute the image. Hmmm, it’s not quite so impressive from the...

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